A Stark Contrast

I’m going to start by say BRRRRRR. I hope everyone is enjoying a nice dram by the fire, I wish I was, but I don’t have a fire (hahahaha), a warm dram will have to do. This is where I’m allowed to make up for the lack of fire with an extra dram.

I was lucky enough to have had a birthday since writing the last Stark Contrast. Yes yes, older and wiser and all that. But I did receive an awesome birthday Prezzie that I want to tell you about. There is a place that have set out (a while ago I’m sure) to conserve Scotland’s Highlands. So how they do this is you buy one square foot (or more) of land in a Nature Reserve, it’s a one-off fee (you can buy items and plant trees by donation etc.) that helps them pay for all the maintenance of keeping Scotland beautiful. Now even though this is a fantastic idea in its self what you get for buying this plot of land is an “official” title of Lord or Lady. So, as you can imagine, my husband thought this was hilarious for he and I to become Lord and Lady Stark officially so that when people make a Game of Thrones reference to us, we can out do it…… HAHAHA very funny, am I right? Anyway, I love the concept and I definitely love helping this beautiful planet.

Ok now to the whisky I decided to try for this newsletter. Nikka from the Barrel, seems to be a very popular one and I have never tasted a Japanese whisky before so here goes. It’s one of those funny ones that changes very quickly once poured. At first, I thought what the hell is all the fuss about it barely has any flavour and is a bit harsh on the throat. Now let it sit for 5 min and try again, the nose changed to a lovely sweet smell, very caramel. The taste changed to a light yet warm almost dry sherry-ish. I find it very hard to put into words but I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

Yet another lesson learnt tonight…. If at first you don’t like it, give it time to breathe.

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