About our company

We import and Export High Value Products

For the past few years, We started as a small sales venture and has grown into a global wholesale distributor. Over the years, we have become a key source of low cost food and merchandise for the retail market. Known for the 99 Cent Only Stores wholesale products, we have built our reputation on low prices, large selection and great service. Our customers can order online and pick up next day that is what makes us unique in what we do.

About Us | Global Wholesale Distributor

Our Reputation

If you’re looking for a wholesaler company,  RH Distributors Limited your best option. Our ability to provide thousands of dollar items and maintain a high level of service is exceptional. Major retailers & wholesalers in the US have partnered with us for the 8 years.

Our Vision

We are creating the future of wholesale trading. We eliminate borders, language barriers, and increase transaction security. We create one place where international wholesale trade becomes simple, accessible and safe. We implement the vision of a single portal that connects wholesalers and offers from around the world, increasing market competitiveness and access to a wider range of products, while ensuring the ability to scale business with new markets and customers.

Service Experience

Customers are assigned a dedicated account specialist who has over 25 years experience in the wholesale industry. They know the merchandise and industry very well, and provide the customer with ways to improve their business. We value relationships and the continued success of our clients.

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